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Vision Statement:

Fearless Intensive is a place of restoration for women. A place where women can go to encounter God’s love and His truth. A place where His promises are spoken aloud over the lives of women by women who know and love Jesus. A salty place where discipleship takes place all for His Glory!



Dear Friend,

I’m coming to you to ask for your partnership in sponsoring Fearless Intensive. Fearless Intensive is a magnificent program that I have created to strengthen, support and encourage young women in transition to excel forward with their dreams, life and career; we are cultivating leadership. I’m sure you have several questions so below I have attached the answers to some questions that others have asked.


What is Fearless Intensive?

Fearless Intensive is a five-month program that I’ve created; it’s a curriculum that takes successful professional women and brings them together with young transitioning women to effectively teach them to be successful, fearless and excellent in all that they do.

Fearless intensive focuses on:


2.Achievement of goals

3.Career and Home success



5.Building lifelong Friendships

Why should you sponsor fearless intensive?

Sponsoring Fearless Intensive is an opportunity to change lives, it is an opportunity to provide young women with an active support system that may have never been readily available to them in any other capacity; because supporting Fearless Intensive can change the fabric of who you are and who WE are as a community.


How do I support this program?

  1. Send a pay pal donation to urjoy@icloud,com

  2. Purchase 90 days to...fearless!

  3. Purchase one of our beautiful "fearless" signature "T's".


I can’t wait to see what God leads you to do 

 If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime


Founder of Our Daddy’s Girls

* If you know someone or a group that may find interest in this program please email us at: ourdaddysgirls@gmail.com